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Tag: investment

Super Car and Classic Car Investment keeps an avid eye on the super car and classic car investment market. One of the resources we keep an eye on is Knight Frank,  luxury goods, residential and commercial property consultancy. ...

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2008 to 2017 – A look back at the investment car market

Travel back in time a bit, with supercarsandclassics way back in 1946, British Car Auctions (BCA), was founded as Southern Counties Car Auctions, and began offering cars of all kinds at auction. At their first auction ...

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Will Brexit Affect the UK Supercar Investment Industry?

In June 2016, a referendum was held and 52% of the voters voted for the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Unit “Brexit” Brexit will not be formally accomplished until the beginning of April 2017, and if all ...

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Super and Classic Car Investment Advice

 Since the last decade, has witnessed supercar enthusiasts and investors actively allocating a sizable amount of their wealth towards the collection of high-value super and classic cars. Now this ...

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Supercar Investors 2016

Supercar investors have seen a record high in car prices for the past seven years despite the recession and economic downturn, all these economic misgivings did not affect the prices of supercars. Many believe that th ...

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There’s a new kid on the block. has been positioned as the new exciting, fast and effective user friendly internet portal for buying and selling new and used supercars in today’s modern marketplace.

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