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Tag: Aston

Just how popular is the iconic Aston Martin? is happy to tell you! Every year for the last 18 years, Bonham’s Auction House has been holding an Aston Martin sale. That’s right. The auction only features Aston Martins for sale. And it’ ...

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H&H Classics Auction Imperial War Museum Duxford

On March 29th, 2017, a super and classics car auction was held by H&H Classics Auction there were 111 lots of supercars for sale at this auction, and all but a handful of them were knocked down for their estimated pr ...

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Supercar Investments for 2017 Part 2

In this article, concludes are brief look at potential investments in super cars, focusing on those that have been deemed by experts, as “the most collectible” and therefore the most likely to go ...

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Gooding & Co.’s Classic Car Auction at Amelia Island 10/11 March keeps tracks on super car, classic car and watch auctions throughout the world. There were three car auctions on Amelia Island, off Jacksonville on the northeast coast of Florida, the weekend ...

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