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Supercar and classic car investment

Supercar and classic car investment

What is the prognostication for supercar and classic car investment in 2019 and beyond?

The expectation for limited edition supercars is that they will continue to sell out quickly – for no other reason than that every supercar built in a limited edition is typically sold before its official launch date – manufacturers send out invitations to buy only to their already established clients.

Such was the case with the 2018 McLaren Senna, with its 500 editions sold for £750,000 each. Limited edition supercars – that are truly limited at no more than 500 editions built, will very likely never lose their value.

Supercars that are not quite in that rarified atmosphere should continue to do well, however. While Paul Michaels of London’s Hexagon Classics points out that the prospect of Brexit has UK investors somewhat wary, US and Hong Kong supercar enthusiasts continue to go after the cars they want.

Classic cars continue to offer an excellent return on investment – although in 2018 the return on investment held steady rather than increasing, According to Knight Frank, his is because speculative investors have moved on to wine, luxury watches and rare coins. However, the market stays strong because knowledgeable collectors continue to seek out such cars.

The true strength of the classic car investment market lies in the number of classic car auctions that take place on a yearly basis, and the quality of the vehicles on offer. Classic car auction houses have a full slate of auctions scheduled for 2019, and not only knowledgeable collectors but also knowledgeable enthusiasts will continue to be seeking those top investment opportunities.

New markets for supercars and collector cars continue to open. As mentioned above, car enthusiasts from Hong Kong are entering the field, as are investors from China.

Germany’s classic car market is poised to grow as well. Motor Authority recently reported that German banks are now advising their clients to invest in classic cars, for example.

2019 promises to be an exciting year in the supercar and classic car investment market.

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