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Great Investment Cars for 2019 / 2020

Great Investment Cars for 2019 / 2020

Honda NSX – 2017

Price When New: £143,000
Current Price: £110,000 / or Less
Engine: 3.5l V6
BHP: 573bhp really rate the second generation Honda/Acura NSX it has quickly become one of the highest depreciating supercars.

This is partially due to the lack of sales since launch.

It was one of the slowest selling cars of 2018, with the Audi R8 outselling easily. This is strange as the R8 is very similar, with a similar power output and cost. In fact, in April 2018, Acura only sold 5 NSX cars over the whole month!

Could this generation be similar to the first? More popular when it is dead. We think so.

 You will currently find NSX models floating around for sale at about £110,000, with a few dipping to the £90,000 region.

However Honda/Acura have confirmed that they don’t plan on manufacturing the NSX past 2020, so the only models available to purchase very soon will be used models.

Due to this, we expect demand to start to out way availability in the coming years, leading to the NSX starting to appreciate.

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