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Ferraris for sale in UK

Ferraris for sale in UK

If you’re looking for a pre-owned Ferrari for sale, there are several ways to obtain one. The first is to purchase a Ferrari that someone is offering for sale or that is available at one of supercarsandclassics dealerships. The second way to obtain a Ferrari is at auction.

Typically, when you wish to purchase a Ferrari at auction it will be a vehicle that needs to be restored. The anticipation is that the purchaser will get a good deal on the price of a classic Ferrari and then restore it to the desired condition. A Ferrari that has undergone many modifications may be restored back to “factory original” or it may be taken back to its last mod but one, for example. That’s entirely up to its owner and the company they use to restore the car of their dreams.

Not all owners offer their Ferraris at auction because they expect them to be bargains, of course. Classic and super cars with a “history” – a well-known owner, or a rare model – or recently restored are offered at auction because the owner wants to let the purchaser set the value of the car.

For example, a Ferrari holds the record as the most expensive car ever sold at auction. This happened in 2014 when a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO was sold by Bonhams at a little over $34 million, USD £23 million pounds.

There are only 36 Ferrari GTOs in the world, and this was one of them. Although it had been involved in a crash during a race (in which driver Henri Oreiller was killed) it had been repaired and restored and raced again by Fabrizio Violati. It then had pride of place in his Ferrari Museum – the Maranello Rosso Collection.

Because of that provenance, it’s no surprise this GTO was able to set that spending record.
But there are more Ferraris for sale and at auction. Take a look at the offerings here on

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