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Ferraris for sale in the UK

Ferraris for sale in the UK

What is the most popular super car in the world, determined by how many of them are sold in each country?

It’s a fun game to play, and is going to play it.

Way back in 2016, researchers compiled data from Facebook to gain some insight into the question. Of course, Facebook users tend to be of a certain generation and may not be representational of older generations, but we’ll use the info they gathered anyway.

Belgium seems to have a fondness for Aston-Martins. So is Qatar. For Portugal, Volkswagen models are popular. In Dubai, the Lamborghini and Ferrari are best sellers. As you might expect, in Italy it is the Ferrari and the Lamborghini, as well as Maserati. For Slovakia, where Land Rovers and the Kia are built, the two best-selling cars there are the Koeingsegg and the Porsche.

Germany has its fair share of supercar lovers, but Britain’s Noble would seem to be the most popular supercar on the road. Croatia, on the other hand, is rather fond of McLarens. In Saudi Arabia, it’s the McLaren, followed by Bugatti and Maserati. In New Zealand, Italy’s Pagani is popular.

But what about the UK?

According to The Guardian, more Ferraris are sold in the UK than in any other European country. So, if you’re looking for Ferraris for sale in the UK, you’ll find a rich vein to tap, as super car lovers put their pre-owned Ferraris on the market in order to obtain a newer model. Or, alternatively, they just add to their Ferrari collection!

Ferraris for sale in the UK run the gamut from the classics of the late 1940s right up to today’s supercar car offerings  the 488 GTB, the 488 Spider, the Portofino, the 812 Superfast, as well as the LaFerarri and the LaFerarri Aperta.

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