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Ferrari Sales in the UK

Ferrari Sales in the UK

The Guardian reported that “More Ferraris sold in the UK than anywhere else in Europe.”

According to the statistics, “record numbers of tailor-made cars, which cost at least £151,000, were sold in Britain last year despite rising prices.”

In 2017, Ferrari reported that 2017 had been another record year for the company, with a total shipment of 8,398 units around the world. This was up 384 units, or 4.8%, then the previous year, and their net profit was up 26.4%, to 537 million euro.

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This despite the fact that all new Ferrari models underwent a price increase of 7% at the beginning of 2018 – as did the prices of other cars, though.

New Ferrari’s also come with seven years-worth of servicing included in the purchase price, and of fuel economy has improved with all new models. However, 2018 Ferrari models are sold out, according to Bloomberg, so new buyers will have to wait until 2019. (

Ferrarri is bracing to be affected by US President Trump’s proposed tariffs on cars imported into the country. Negotiations on the political level continue in an attempt to bring an end to this tariff war.

Ferrari’s new car models include a luxury SUV, and an electric car to compete with the Tesla brand.

If you’re interested in a new or pre-owned Ferrari, consider taking part in Virgin Experience Days, which offers opportunities to drive a Ferrari round a race track. (You can also drive a Lamborghini or an Aston Martin).

Company News
On July 21, 2018, Ferrari reported that Chairman and CEO of Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne, is ill and has had to step down from his chairmanship. John Elkann has been named Chairman by the Ferrari Board of Directors, and Louis Camilleri is expected to be appointed CEO.

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