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Ferrari J50 Introduced in Japan

Ferrari J50 Introduced in Japan always keeps abreast of the latest supercar and classic car news, and we always share with you news of supercars for sale.

Every now and then we also want to share some supercar history with you.

So when we saw the article at Ferrari today announcing the unveiling of their J50, to be sold only in Japan, we had to share it.

We knew the anniversary was coming up – in October Forbes did an article on the very first Japanese to purchase a Ferrari, way back in 1966. This was Kazuo Maruyama, who bought a 275 GTB. He sold that car within six months, but came back to Ferrari in the early 70s to acquire a 275 GTB/4. This car needed restoration – and he wanted it restored by the Ferrari factory in Italy itself.

It took some negotiation before that happened, several years in fact, and when Maruyama turned 32 he bought a Ferrari 250LM – because only 32 LMs had been made. (When he turned 40, he bought an F40).

After Maruyama opened the door, other Japanese started buying the Ferrari in earnest. Today, Ferrari has nine authorized dealers in the country and four service centers. Is this proof that the Japanese love Ferrari? Well, Aston Martin has only five dealerships, McLaren four, and Rolls Royce six.

The two newest Ferrari dealerships were opened in September 2016 – one in Sapporo (on Hokkaido) and the other in Kobe.

In preparation for these grand openings, Ferrari Far East launched a rally – the very first Ferrari Hokkaido Rally, with Ferrari owners from Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand taking part.

The Ferrari International Calvalcade, held from November 10-14 2016, showcased almost 70 Prancing Horses from 24 different countries. On display wer the F40, Enzo, 599 GTPB, and the hybrid LaFarrari.

But back to the Ferrari J50.

The J50 is a limited series of bespoke beauties – a two-seater roadster with a targa body style. Only 10 of these cars will be built – each one custom-tailored to its purchaser’s desires. These cars will be fitted with a version of the 3.9-litre V8 – the engine that won the overall international Engine of the Year Award in 2016.

The J50 is the brainchild of the Ferrari’s Special Projects department, and was designed by a team from the Ferrari Styling Center in Maranello.


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