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Classic Car Auctions,

Classic Car Auctions,
Classic Car Auctions, which specializes in what they call “everyman” classic cars – holds sales on a regular basis at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre in Leamington Spa. Their latest auction was held on Saturday, 24 March 2018. is pleased to share a few highlights of the results of this auction. If you’d like to see the entire results, visit the auction results page at
1975 Dainler Double Six, Series II coupe sold for £18.700. This silver Daimler, originally from the UK, spent some time on the roads of Norway before returning to the UK. The odometer indicated 88,000 miles, and it had a new paint job seven years previously.  Also received new floor panels, carpets, and lining for the roof. It came with a heritage certificate.
A gorgeous 1991 Jaguar XJS V12 convertible with a right hand drive went under the hammer for £9,350. The
rare color British Racing Green makes it very stylish, with an interior of Magnolia leather with green piping. The rear glass panel is heated. Mileage on the odometer came in at 100,628. 
A classic, and Belgrade blue, 1954 VW Beetle 1200 was knocked down for £14,800. This UK registered car with a right-hand drive was restored – presumably in South Africa. The interior is period-correct, the engine is 1192 cc with raised compression (6:1) and an additional 5 bhp.
1969 Rolls-Royce Mullinar Park Ward coupe went under the hammer for £26,250. This coupe is Bahama Yellow, with a black vinyl roof. Came with its original eight-track cassette player and period radio. This beauty was once owned by Mickey Most, the famous music producer, who drove it in Monte Carlo.
A 1972 Jaguar E-type series 3 FHC was knocked down for £36,300.  This Jaguar had 86,400 miles on the odometer, a right-hand drive, and a full service history. It had been recently painted, with and serviced, with new seals and gaskets, as well as a new fuel pump and lines and a new oil pressure switch. Came with the factory fitted sliding steel sunroof.

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