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Super Car and Classic Car Investment keeps an avid eye on the super car and classic car investment market. One of the resources we keep an eye on is Knight Frank,  luxury goods, residential and commercial property consultancy. ...

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2008 to 2017 – A look back at the investment car market

Travel back in time a bit, with supercarsandclassics way back in 1946, British Car Auctions (BCA), was founded as Southern Counties Car Auctions, and began offering cars of all kinds at auction. At their first auction ...

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Supercar Investments for 2017 Part One

 Looking for a supercar in which to invest in 2017 will cover a few of the super cars for sale that you might like to consider what’s the difference between a super car and a classic car? The ...

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Supercar Investments for 2017 Part 2

In this article, concludes are brief look at potential investments in super cars, focusing on those that have been deemed by experts, as “the most collectible” and therefore the most likely to go ...

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How to pick the best classic

How to pick the best classic and the pitfalls to watch out for when buying a supercar. Find something rare, technically interesting and with a great history and it is far more likely to hold its value, and hopefully i ...

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