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Around the World: Classic and Supercar Investment Market

Around the World: Classic and Supercar Investment Market

The classic and supercar investment market for 2018 continues to be strong according to a recent article in Bloomberg revealed .

Ferrari supercars are so hot that they’re sold out into 2019.” Of course, author Tommaso Ebhardt is referring to late model Ferraris like the 2018 Ferrari 488 GTB, but the popularity of upcoming models, and Ferrari’s booming quarterly profits (up 13% this year) will also strengthen the resale price for the discerning collector on classic Ferraris as well.

Classic Porsches are also one of the most popular supercar at the moment. “Porsches are good for a timid buyer,” commented British collector Nick Bartman.



Automobile featured an article on the “State of the Collector Car Market” in their May 2018 issue. Contributors to this article were Gord Duff (RM Sotheby’s), Jakob Grelsen (Bonhams), Craig Jackson (Barrett-Jackson) and Dave Kinney, publisher of the Hagerty Price Guide.

The first question they were asked was, “What are your general views on market performance since this time last year?”

All answered that the market remained positive. Kinney added that the “under $100K (US Dollars) market was booming, and that was where most of the sales were taken place. Gord Duff pointed out that American classics were becoming quite popular, he cited both a Marmon Sixteen Coupe and an Auburn Boattail Speedster as two classic American cars now worth over a million dollars.

According to an article in the New York Times by Scot Reyburn that appeared in February 2018, many of the individuals who were only interested in classic and super cars for investment purposes have moved on to other pastures, leaving the field clear for people who want good investments but who are also actually passionately interested in the cars they collect, something not necessarily the case for those who would simply purchase a car and place it out of sight, never to be seen again.

The key to intelligent investment and collecting is to know the cars you’re interested in, and have a dealer you trust. A dealer like Amari supercars always have a great selection of supercars on our website.

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