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Worlds best liquid car wrap solution

 Worlds best liquid car wrap solution

P1 is a premium quality car paint, that not only looks better than the original car paint but protects your car from damage and ageing

The next generation of peelable car paints.

Spray your car any colour and just peel it off to change and remove.

P1 Coatings is a liquid car wrapping product that has an OEM paint finish and you cannot tell apart from the real non-removable automotive paints.

P1 is engineered to protect the surface of your car against scratches, abrasions, debris, dirt, dust, oil, grease, fly rust, corrosion, paint overspray, natural sandblasting etc. The Eco-friendly spray able and peel able liquid protective film is available in all colours, allowing a high degree of customization with the look and feel of original car paint.

Spray your car with a premium transparent hi-gloss, liquid wrap for an invisible protection for your car. P1 Coatings shields your car from scratches, dust, debris and other exterior damage and also preserves the OEM car paint. P1 is stain resistant and provides superior clarity through its high gloss properties.

You can also spray your car with P1 coatings dazzling colours to make your car prominent among regular OEM paint cars. The various pearls and pigments allow you to choose from a wide range of solid colours, colour shifts as well as the opulent hyper shift colours,

Applying P1

Removing P1

 P1 Coatings

P1 Coatings do not require seams, there’s no cutting, no adhesive, no lifting or curling or corners, and offers the ability to mix and make almost any colour you can think of. It can also be sanded, buffed, polished and waxed like a standard clear coat.

The liquid coating is sprayed on the surface of your car and upon drying it forms a tough, flexible and durable film that provides excellent resistance and strength.

P1 Coatings has just launched in the U.K and ROI. We are looking for applicators / paint shops / car restoration companies   / & agents for P1 Coatings in UK and ROI

For more information about P1 Coatings please contact:

 Nick Hall
Mobile 07921 528806
Office: 01795 431811
P1 Coatings UK
HS Protect UK Ltd
 Or look on our Facebook page or website:
Facebook: P1Coatings UK or P1 Coatings











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